W3E — the first ever live tournament for web3 Esports

This event will take place on the 17th of November at the ESA Esports Arena in the heart of Istanbul, and will also include game showcases, exclusive announcements from developers, demo testing and a nail-biting competition in one of the world’s most popular web3 games. W3E is managed and overseen by Team Lead, Damian Bartlett, and Marketing Strategist, Thang Phan, a former member of FaZe Clan — both are veterans and ex-pros of the gaming and esports world.
Concurrently, W3E will also be hosting the world’s first web3 gaming expo on the periphery of the W3E Tournament. Attendees will have the opportunity to see emerging projects, test upcoming web3 games and network with the development team.

EV.io, a first-person shooter set in a series of futuristic arenas — and the most popular game on the Solana blockchain — will be the event’s league partner and lead game for the tournament. EV.io was built from the ground up with low system specs in mind, and designed to be open and accessible to all players. The game has a fast-paced style of combat with a range of weapons to choose from — complete with a range of exciting abilities including teleport and impulse grenade — for an exhilarating gameplay experience.

W3E will be inviting top-ranked European and Turkish teams for a live white knuckle tournament in the heart of Istanbul. In an effort to expand the decentralized gaming ecosystem, W3E will also be inviting players of traditional web2 FPS games to take part.

Web3 gaming like you’ve never seen before

EV.io is also a free-to-play, play-to-earn game where players can earn e (their in-game token) which can be converted to Solana and fiat currency. Unlike many play-to-earn games, EV.io’s revenue is generated from advertising and not new players.
EV.io will also be producing bespoke W3E-branded skins and weapons for players to use during and after the tournament.

“I am incredibly excited to be leading the team putting on the first ever live Web3 Esports tournament, alongside the first Web3 games expo,” says Erhan Korhaliller, founder and CEO of W3E and Istanbul Blockchain Week. “Web3 gaming is the next leapforward in this revolutionary technology. Watching it mature over the past few years has been incredible, but 2022 feels like the inflection point. It is a privilege to have our contestants play EV.io, and I couldn’t be more proud to welcome the world to what will be a history-making event in this space.”

“We’re excited to be part of Istanbul Blockchain Week, and contribute to a growing web3 esports scene,” says Chriss Scott, co-founder and game director of EV.io. “We’re huge fans of W3E and support their initiatives in moving the needle forward.”

Putting Web3 gaming at the heart of Istanbul Blockchain Week

The inaugural W3E event will take place during Istanbul Blockchain Week. First founded in 2020 as the brainchild of EAK Founder and CEO, Erhan Korhaliller, Istanbul Blockchain Week was brought to life in order to bring a high quality web3 event to Turkey.

W3E is the latest event brand from web3 agency EAK Digital, and follows on from the successful BlockDown Festival: Croatia which took place in May of this year.