Fabwelt Studios partners with Dequest

Another Week Another exciting partnership!

We are happy to announce our latest partnership with DeQuest to bring a new dimension to the Selestium Metaverse with a focus on gamified learning and user reputation building.

Fabwelt studios will list all the games on Dequest Metaverse Hub, which will incentivize the users through the different rewarding systems. Playing the game you like and doing certain activities and earning some extra bucks is exciting! Exactly what we are doing with this collaboration.

Fabwelt Studios and DeQuest are two of the most revolutionary projects that have brought about the development of new ways for NFTs to generate value in the P2E Platforms. Through their respective projects, both $WELT and SoulBound Tokens (SBTs) have the opportunity to create new educational content that will help players improve their experience in the Selestium Metaverse. We’re working closely with the DeQuest team to develop these opportunities, adding new educational and practical quests as well as brainstorming potential new features for Fabwelt Ecosystem.

Souldbound Tokens are representations of user in-game knowledge and skills, and can only be obtained by those who can prove their abilities in Skybreach and the Selestium Metaverse. Through DeQuest’s ability to tokenize achievements and actions, users can easily record their achievements and reputation on the blockchain. This will increase user interaction and healthy competition to acquire and improve skills.

Fabwelt’s game ARSENAL 3D FPS will be listed on the Quest page. And as part of partnership promotions, we will update you with the exciting Quest for ARSENAL, same goes for our second game FANWELT and so on.

As we have a major update for ARSENAL coming up with the release of a mobile version which will provide a great user experience for the users who will hurt this Quest.

Both projects will aid each other in community cross-promotion & collaboration. It will not only introduce new commercial opportunities but also invite new participants to the platform.

About DeQuest

The first multi-chain and cross-metaverse GameFi platform that verifies the achievements, activities, and behaviors of Metaverse citizens. DeQuest introduces playful ways to evaluate, build upon, and verify these to create a reputation layer for the Metaverse.

Arsenal is a 3D First Person Shooter multiplayer game for the Fabwelt Gaming Ecosystem and Metaverse. It utilizes in-game NFTs as assets, collectibles, and utilities. In-game assets are all blockchain collectibles that users utilize in playing the game. As blockchain-based items, in-game assets can be freely withdrawn from the game for other uses such as collateral on decentralized lending protocol, staking, gifting, or passing it down as an inheritance. In-game assets can be seen as a commodity.

It has a “battleground” look and feels and it’s fully integrated with blockchain technology. Pay to Play and Play to Earn are integrated in such a way, that it attracts everyday players as well as professional players around the world, to get incentives and fun. Many different types of maps are included like big maps for sniping, and small maps for fast close combat.

Learn more about Arsenal in our tutorial on gitbook: https://fabwelt.gitbook.io/fabwelt-gitbook/fabwelt-games/arsenal-tutorial
About Fanwelt

SignUp for Fanwelt to win giveways: https://fanwelt.fabwelt.com
FANWELT is a digital gaming platform that brings this unique concept of playing fantasy sports while using cryptocurrencies to worldwide fantasy players.

Fabwelt’s goal with FANWELT is to provide a dynamic fantasy gaming platform with numerous sports, where players may enjoy the flexibility and excitement of fantasy gaming. With its concept of choosing players and scoring system, FANWELT distinguishes itself from other fantasy sports platforms on the Internet. A scoring system is important in defining the nature of Fantasy sports and how the experience of choosing fantasy teams can be made an entertaining practice for real-world sports enthusiasts since it is a game of skill. This is where FANWELT shines with its unique gameplay and score system, which users can easily tailor to their own.

FANWELT’s unique economic approach combines the excitement of both Traditional (TFS) and Daily (DFS) Fantasy Sports. This is accomplished by merging the principles of individual game room organization and a LeaderBoard for a whole tournament/season.

About Fabwelt

Fabwelt is a ground-breaking concept that integrates blockchain technology into the heart of high-quality games of all types and genres. With in-game NFTs, Play to Earn, and DEFI, we create a high-end gaming ecosystem and enhance the fun. A multi-genre gaming ecosystem that includes genres such as 3D First Person Shooter, Action-Adventure, Simulation, Strategy, Fantasy, and many others. In-game NFTs as assets, collectibles, and strategic utilities resurrect the fun of Blockchain gaming.

We incorporate all of our games into a never-before-seen digital reality. This is referred to as the Gamingverse. We provide the technology to have never-ending fun with features like Universal NFTs, digital cross-game identification, and multi-tiered tournaments, which are powered by gamers.

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