5 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness Using NFTs

NFTs are changing the internet by looking at digital assets such as blogs, images, videos, audio files, and more. Businesses around the world are now jumping into the NFT space in an effort to get the early adopter advantage and take advantage of what is rapidly becoming a long-term trend.

Trends range from using NFTs as marketing tools to monetize them, to using them in novel ways and everything in between. This post will discuss five ways NFTs can be used to increase awareness for your brand.

What are NFTs?

​NFTs, or Non-fungible Tokens, are digital assets or items that can be traded on specialized platforms such as OpenSea or other NFT markets powered crypto exchanges. These tokens are similar to crypto-collectibles but you can also use them in the real world and metaverse.
Non-fungible refers to a token’s uniqueness and inability to be replaced. It is similar to a work of art that is irreplaceable, as well as the furniture in your home, which is also unique in many other ways.

NFTs are ideal for tracking digital assets and accounting, but they also make it easy to represent any type of asset ownership.

How do NFTs Work?

NFTs can be used as real-world assets such as cars and art. They are created as smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Through minting, they record the ownership information and other metadata for an asset. This decentralized electronic ledger is tamper-proof. It cannot be altered once it has been recorded.

​To keep track of who owns an NFT, the uniqueID of a token and other metadata are used. Each token is unique, and each one of these bits and pieces of information is irreplaceable. Smart contracts are used to assign ownership and manage tokens’ transferability. They also add NFTs to the Ethereum blockchain.

The owner of an NFT uses a private key for authorization to sell their NFT. Once the blockchain verifies the authenticity of the private keys, the ownership transfer takes place. This eliminates the need to trust the other parties and requires a central authority or third party to verify each claim.

NFTs: How to Increase Awareness for Your Brand

Firms are increasingly relying on NFTs to represent a variety of items, including digital sketches, photos, podcasts, videos, and other forms of creative work.

​The underlying smart contracts can also be used in other ways. Tokens can be granted unique features and characteristics that add value.

Companies can now use NFTs to increase brand awareness through new storytelling and audience interaction techniques, like the ones below.

1 Tokenizing Event: Admission Tokens

Gary Vaynerchuk, a Belarusian-American entrepreneur, and the author is a public speaker and influencer. To increase awareness for his personal brand, he has been using NFTs. He is a creative person who tokenizes events by minting NFTs which double as admission tokens for various workshops and conventions he organizes.

Tokens can be used to gain admission to his events. This is one way to use NFTs in order to increase the number of people who interact with his brand. Anyone can do it.

​Let’s say you own a marketing agency and wish to increase brand awareness. You can do this by organizing workshops, courses, meetups, or other events that your potential clients would enjoy.
Next, create a set of NFTs. This could include any digital assets, such as images or audio recordings.

You can then add collectible to your contract to grant the owner access to that particular event.

Anyone who is interested in the NFT can purchase it to get access to the event and to acquire unique digital art related to your industry.

2 Use NFTs for Capturing key Highlights from Your Brand’s Past

Brands have a rich and interesting brand history that they can capture digitally as an image, video, or audio file. These assets can be made into unique NFTs that you can offer to your customers and fans.

​This new type of storytelling has a significant impact on brand awareness because users leave with a piece of your brand’s history. Plus, it has the potential to generate revenue for your company.

Similar to Jack Dorsey’s first tweet. He sold it as an NFT for close to $3 million. This sale, in addition to the gross earnings, made headlines around the world, drawing attention from all directions.

3 Transform Physical Products into NFTs

You can also create digital versions for your products and make them NFTs to spread the word. These digital assets can be used to create avatars for online games, or distributed throughout the web in various ways.

To test the market and see how they perform in real life, you can also try out new products that haven’t been marketed yet.

​This use case for NFTs has been tried out by many large companies such as Nike, Gucci, and Coca-Cola. Gucci and Nike’s products were perfect for this strategy. Coca-Cola, on the other hand, decided to mint branded apparel instead of soft drinks.

These NFTs are often purchased with Ethereum or another crypto and then displayed in virtual environments that allow users to interact and meet.

Pay attention to the QUASA NFT application

NFTs aren’t just digital pieces of art. They are layered mechanisms for proving ownership, access, rights, and more.

Active NFTs (A-NFTs) Empower Physical Items.

Active NFTs authenticate physical assets and represent them in virtual spaces with a unique active NFT (A-NFT).Now anyone can present objects, works of art, objects they own, and even their beloved pet in virtual spaces and metaverses with proof of ownership of these physical objects and the A-NFT itself.

After you make an active NFT for your item or asset in a couple of clicks, you can send it to experts or the community for signature without leaving QUASA NFT applications.Decentralized expert or community signature is another know-how of active NFTs (A-NFTs).

Install the QUASA NFT app and certify your property in the blockchain!Now it’s possible and free for all users!

4 Create Giveaways and Contests for NFT

NFTs are rapidly becoming a popular thing. Many see them as a way to diversify investments. You have the chance to attract large numbers to your brand by giving away unique and collectible NFTs or participating in a contest where users must interact with your brand.

These NFTs could be used to grant access to an event or convention where your brand is present. Or you could use them to hold one-on-one Q& sessions for brand representatives or customer service reps or partner influencers.

5 Partnership with NFT Artists to Make Digital Collectibles Branded

For increasing brand recognition, strategic partnerships are a proven method. You will be able to spread the word faster if you work with NFT creators or auction sites that have a large following. This is a new trend, so it is important to act fast to establish stronger connections that will benefit your business.

​This strategy is similar to influencer marketing and has been adopted by many companies. Many NFT artists have become so well-known that virtually anything they post goes viral. An example of this is the NFT sneaker designed by artist FEWOCiOUS, which was sold to the RTFKT shoe company for $3 million.

What’s Next in Marketing with NFTs

NFTs offer marketers and brands with great products or content the opportunity to create unique experiences via NFT-enabled platforms. They also make it easy for brands to market to the emerging metaverses in a scalable and easy way.

Because each token is unique and can be verified as ownership, NFTs are able to be combined with existing marketing strategies, making them more personalized and effective. NFTs can also be used to repurpose content in a completely new way. The possibilities are limitless.

NFTs are a great marketing tool that can help you build brand awareness. NFTs can also be used to create consistent messages across different platforms, encourage sales and build an online presence that has real value.

The bottom Line

​NFTs, a new type of digital collectible that can be used to market, are bright. They have the potential to be an integral part of advertising in near future, it’s clear.

Tokenizing events, partnering NFT artists, organizing NFT competitions, and generally following the tips in this article, you can capitalize on the current trend to increase your brand’s visibility.

These are only five ways you can use NFTs for marketing. NFTs can help you build brand awareness and offer exciting new opportunities through smart contracts. You’re likely to already be thinking about how you can implement this in your company if you are smart.