Bitcoin Capital AG launches two crypto ETPs on SIX Swiss Exchange

Bitcoin Capital AG released two new exchange-traded products on the SIX Swiss Exchange: the FiCAS Active Bitcoin ETP (BTCB) and FiCAS Active Ethereum ETP (ETHB), which are actively managed by FICAS AG.

Institutional investors, professional, and private investors in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the European Union (excluding Hungary) can now invest in the new offerings via their bank or broker just as they would with other listed financial assets such as equities or bonds.

“Our purpose is to grant investors safe and easy access to digital assets and are convinced that crypto assets will soon be part of the diversification strategy of many investment portfolios,” says Dr. Luca Schenk, chairman of Bitcoin Capital AG. “The two new products with the most relevant cryptocurrencies as underlying may, through their active management, improve the overall portfolio risk by reducing underlying volatility.”

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